TabSquare’s SmartTab launches in famous ramen chain Ichikokudo

TabSquare’s SmartTab launches in famous ramen chain Ichikokudo

The prominent Japanese restaurant chain, Ichikokudo, has launched TabSquare’s SmartTab eMenu System throughout their Singapore venues. Ichikokudo, famous for their ramen soup, have chosen TabSquare’s market-leading restaurant ordering system to improve their operations and drive restaurant profitability.

TabSquare has been at the forefront of restaurant ordering systems since 2012. Ichikokudo’s sit-down restaurant format makes SmartTab the perfect solution for the brand’s future digital restaurant ordering system and payment model.

As part of the rollout, TabSquare facilitated a seamless integration of SmartTab with Ichikokudo’s existing G POS payment system. With the help of a translator, the Japan-based G POS team worked with TabSquare to achieve a smooth end result.

Ichikokudo’s compact menu makes it a perfect candidate for SmartTab’s Tabsquare’s iPad restaurant ordering system. Customers will get value and satisfaction out of Ichikokudo’s 15 dishes through customization of meals with side dishes, drinks, and other extras.

The ‘personal waiter at every table’ smart restaurant concept makes diners happy and builds loyalty. While, for Ichikokudo, the upsell and cross-sell selections will increase average cover values and speed up table turns.

SmartTab was launched in the first Ichikokudo store on 18 March, with the second installation planned for the end of April. There are currently three Ichikokudo stores in Singapore, with a further six planned.

The launch of the Ichikokudo-SmartTab partnership has already shown great results, especially with the popularity of small side dishes purchased alongside main meals. Due to this success, including the ease of integration with their existing POS system, there has been strong interest from other restaurant brands.

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