TabSquare’s SmartTa

TabSquare’s SmartTa

AI-powered ordering a unique offering

This focus on the individual customer, paired with a seamless dining experience, is a unique offering which most franchise systems neglect. They typically focus around the system – menu, machinery, process, supply chain, etc. – and then demand around 2% in royalties for marketing, which often comprises low-cost, ineffective signage. The big hitters of menu engineering and customer insights mostly don’t existent in current F&B franchise opportunities.

On top of this, TabSquare offers a 10am-10pm helpline, to coincide with peak dining times, as well as a WhatsApp support group where customers can escalate issues where necessary to next-level management for action and resolution.

Real-life examples of the success of this franchise-technology combination are TabSquare customers Sushi Tei and Seoul Garden. Sushi Tei, a Japanese franchise, had their Indonesian franchise implement TabSquare solutions at their outlets to offer Indonesian Sushi Tei customers the same dining experience as they would in Singapore.

And Seoul Garden, a Korean franchise, had their Malaysian franchise implement TabSquare solutions too, ensuring that branded communications with their Malaysian customers were the same as those experienced by Singapore diners.

If you want to provide a seamless and consistent dining experience across your franchises and outlets, join other F&B businesses that are seeing significant benefits from the latest that technology has to offer. Download our white paper to find out how to move your venue into the digital age.

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