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The Smart Way To Manage Your Delivery Orders

SmartConnect empowers you to efficiently manage all your delivery orders from a single, centralized platform, providing you with seamless integration and exceptional control over your operations.


Streamlined order management
Handle all your delivery orders from one platform and say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple delivery aggregators.

Integration with 35+ Leading POS Systems
SmartConnect ensures compatibility and smooth integration with industry leading POS systems.

Integration with Top Online Ordering Apps
Expand your reach with SmartConnect’s extensive integration with top food and delivery apps, including Grab, Deliveroo, and foodpanda.

Complete Menu-to-Order Integration
With SmartConnect, managing menu’s across various delivery aggregators is simple. Make changes in the menu seamlessly across delivery platforms.

Comprehensive Data Analytics Dashboards
Gain deep insights through aggregated analysis of both in-store and online data and dive into detailed partner analysis.

Low Investment and High ROI
SmartConnect stands out from other solutions in the market for its low cost, high return on investment, and regional optimization.

Unlock New Revenue Streams
SmartConnect empowers F&B business owners to tap into diverse revenue streams like cloud kitchens without the need for additional physical locations.

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