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Today’s environment has forced Restaurants & food chains owner to rethink how digital channels and real-time payments can be used to deliver better customer experiences.  Whether your customers are paying in person, online, or by mobile, Tabsquare solutions allow you to maximize the potential of regular payment processing. With our solution, we offer a range of the latest fully integrated in-house and outsourced payment solutions designed to meet your needs and your customers’ changing demands.

Benefits of using our solution

Today, electronic payments & transactions have become the preferred choice of payment method – over cash. Customer behavior is changing at a speed never expected before. In today’s Era, if Anything that can be done digitally, will be – and chances are, consumers will expect it to be done in real-time.


With our innovation and focusing on our aggregate qualities, we help restaurants and F&B enterprises navigate this changing landscape. Our solutions with a fast-growing payments partner network will help you:

Reduce operational costs associated with multiple payment channels

Protect and grow your business

One-stop to manage payment compliance issues

Realtime dashboard to view overall profitability

Payment Partners

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