The smart way to get to know your customers.

Drive repeat business and build long-term relationships with your customers online and in store.

Smart ordering for better business.

Create an additional revenue stream, grow a loyal customer base, reduce commission costs and save plenty of time running your business.

Smart self-service ordering for your hospitality business

sleek hardware, and a fully integrated partner network, Tabsquare helps multi-unit brands manage and grow their business, while keeping guests coming back.

Smart self-service ordering

sleek hardware, and a fully integrated partner network, Tabsquare helps multi-unit brands manage and grow their business, while keeping guests coming back.

TabSquare delivers the dream

AI-based self-service ordering system will help you to:

Increase order size

Delight your customers

Increase profitability

Free up staff

Operate efficiently

TabSquare’s smart AI ordering app knows more about your customers than you ever could

It adapts to their preferences, and upsells like a dream. Customers place orders, your staff focus on service, and you watch your bottom line grow. There’s a TabSquare ordering solution for the way that your customers engage. TabSquare Reporting tracks your performance, including upsells, cross sells, and increased order size. Tabsquare Integrations link smart ordering seamlessly with your POS, Loyalty and Payments.

In-Venue Ordering

Full Suite Ordering & Payment solution to manage every aspect of in-restaurant dining for any type of restaurant format.

Online Ordering

Fully Integrated top delivery & Food Ordering app partners with Menu Synch, order Aggregation & Direct-to-Kitchen order printing

Kiosk Ordering

The Sleekest, Smartest AI In Town , Personalised menu options, Fast, error-free ordering, Quicker table turns and increased cover values, Reduced reliance on staff

Reporting & Analyis

Advanced Data Analytics & Insights for Operational & Customer data across channels, Store Benchmarking and more

Tabsquare Integration

We work closely with our partners to bring integrated front-office, back-office, and customer engagement solutions that make managing a restaurant super easy.

Customer Relationship Management

Comprehensive solution for customer acquisition, retention & growth fully integrated into the dining journey.

Meet AIDEN - the TabSquare AI engine

AIDEN is the brains behind TabSquare. AIDEN learns fast, and keeps learning. The more your customers use TabSquare, the smarter AIDEN gets. It uses its knowledge to create personalised menus, pairing suggestions and offers - customers buy more and you watch your bottom line grow.

TabSquare AI is a smart self-service ordering system.

It makes personalised menu suggestions - giving you increased average order size, staff efficiency and delighted customers.


Centrally manage, control and improve multi-location operations with a secure, scalable & comprehensive technology platform

Casual Dining

Turn tables faster, lower operating costs & grow your business online business with a single platform designed for casual dining restaurants

Quick Service

Line bust, improve efficiency, and build a loyal customer base with software and hardware built for fast casual restaurants like yours.


Bring a new definition to convenience & customer engagement to convert every customer into a regular


Serve patrons faster, grow your sales, reduce risk, with a comprehensive system built for Bars

Cloud Kitchen

Keep all your food court stations running smoothly. Have your customers line up at your different outlets and pick their orders up quickly without making any mistakes.

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