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So often restaurant owners are worried that whether the expense and change that comes from the adoption of new technology are really worth it. But now with the covid19 new normal which led change in customers behavior. Our dine-ins solutions not only help restaurant owners increase productivity serve more customers, faster providing a better customer experience even during peak hours But also helps manage manpower planning and cost and Upsell/Cross-sell more effectively using AI and using data points


For more than three decades, cafes, restaurants, and bistros have presented their customers with a static paper menu to help them to decide what to order this was good for its time. However, here we are in 2020  where the user behavior and spending patterns have evolved with the advanced innovation that keeps on contributing expanded comfort in our regular daily existences and improve the manner in which we work together. 

For restaurant, it is no longer about an appetite for change but a need for change

Benefits for Diner

  • Independent Self-paced ordering
  • Virtually appealing menu with photos
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Diner sees the choice of his food based on recommendation
  • Easy to read Menu’s
  • Ingredient information can be made available

Benefits for Venue

  • Increase customer average check size
  • Predictable up-selling builds add-on deals 
  • Endlessly improve in-house productivity
  • Reduce table turnaround time
  • Easy to update menu, add or delete items on a simple click

Our Instore Dining Solution

Managing a Restaurant both in and out is super easy now thanks to our end-to-end Restaurant Management and Customer Engagement platform.


Personal Waiter at every Table


The Sleekest, Smartest Kiosk that Sells


Restaurants in Your Diner’s Pocket

AI-Powered Restaurant Solutions

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Tabsquare helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value, and speeding up table turns.

Meet AIDEN, TabSquare’s AI Engine

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