The competitive world of QSR

QSR is a competitive world. Every additional item on an order, every upsized drink or meal all contributes to getting you ahead of the pack. Every returning customer puts you one step ahead.

The other side of the competitive coin is efficiency - the more you can do with fewer people, every little bit that you can trim off a process, converts directly into more dollars at the bottom line.

Covid has impacted us all too - finding staff in Australia is tough at the moment. With fewer students and overseas workers, we’re all tight for resources.

I need help with getting ahead of my competition?

Tabsquare AI helps you drive both sides of the competition equation

Increase revenue

Increasing revenue through larger orders, higher margins and more repeat visits.

Decreasing costs

Decreasing costs through customer self-service ordering, and less labour.

How does Tabsquare AI work?

Tabsquare AI is a smart self-service ordering system. It learns about your customers, getting smarter the more information it has. That means it can tailor menus – carnivores see the meat dishes first, but vegetarians see the plant-based options – encouraging bigger orders and more return visits.


Tabsquare makes suggestions, based on the customer’s profile. It can suggest your special offers or new menu options, increasing uptake. It can push your higher margin items, increasing overall profit.

Upselling no longer has to rely on staff remembering to ask the customer if they want to upsize, or add a side, or take advantage of a deal. Tabsquare helps you to rapidly increase average transaction size.


Isn’t artificial intelligence a bit scary?

Your customers are already used to this approach – Netflix suggests movies they might like, based on what they’ve watched before. Amazon uses their past purchases to suggest future ones, and as much as 35% of Amazon’s sales are based on its ‘recommendation engine’.

How do customers use Tabsquare?

Customers can use Tabsquare AI for dine-in, pickup and delivery – from an app on their own phone, a tablet on the table or a kiosk.

How does Tabsquare free up my staff?

Tabsquare sends customer orders – from in-store or via a delivery partner – directly into your POS and to the kitchen, saving staff time and reducing human error. Customers can pay via the app too. Your staff can focus on customer experience, or in COVID times, minimise contact.

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