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TabSquare SmartConnect


The smart solution that enables control of your online and offline ordering needs in one platform while integrating seamlessly with your existing Point-of-Sale (POS) and Kitchen system

Centralized menu management & stock updates in real-time.


Tired of updating menus on every platform one by one? Worry no more, TabSquare Smart Connect brings to your fingertips, the power to simultaneously manage menus, update stock status, run special promotional menus across all food delivery platform(s), online apps and your own ordering channels from anywhere, at any time!

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One-Click Menu Sync


Seamlessly manage your restaurant’s menu, adjust items, categories, prices, across ordering channels in just one click!


Muti-menu, offers & promotions


manage timely hot deals, offers, happy hours, and seasonal menus to attract more customers through an easy to use cloud-based menu manager.


Centralized stock status management


Running out on an item on your menu? Centrally update stock status across all ordering platforms with just one click!


Enterprise Ready


Manage multiple outlet menus and price tiers through one powerful enterprise-grade menu Manager.

Centralized Order Management, Seamlessly Connected to your existing Point-of-Sale (POS)


TabSquare SmartConnect consolidates orders from multiple delivery platforms, online Apps and your own website and syncs it directly with your existing POS system, making order management across platforms more convenient, hassle-free and efficient for you, while keeping more profits in your pocket. We are Integrated with over 20 top Point-of-Sale providers in the region, and as such you will not have to change your POS system just because you need all your ordering channels seamlessly integrated with your Back-office!!

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Single restaurant device


Say goodbye to juggling between multiple devices to manage your orders. View and manage orders from a single console – receive orders directly into your POS system.


Print orders directly into the kitchen


No more manual entries, no more errors, and no more unhappy customers. Reduce time and effort of coordinating orders from multiple platforms, speed up your preparation time and provide a great customer experience with fast delivery.


Turn on & off ordering platforms


Manage delivery hours for one or multiple outlets across platforms at your convenience

All your Restaurant Data in One Single Dashboard


Find it difficult to figure out how you are performing across different ordering channels? Wondering which channel is generating the most profit for you? and/or how to plan your kitchen staffing so you don’t miss out on orders because the kitchen is too busy? TabSquare SmartConnect comes with powerful data analytics capabilities that can answer these questions and many more! For the first time get an in-depth and holistic view of your restaurant operations in one easily accessible and powerful dashboard!

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Single Reporting/Reconciliation Platform


Easily monitor all your delivery, online and in-store activities, get a holistic view of restaurant operations in real-time. Complete
analysis on order trends, performance across order types in one central dashboard


Partner Comparison


Always wondered which ordering channels and order types are most profitable for you? Compare performance across different partners to see which partners are performing, generating most profits and growing for you in powerful Partner Comparison dashboards 


Kitchen Capacity planning


For the first time analyse ordering trends across ordering channels – online & instore, trends across order types and dine-in, takeaway, delivery and order cancellation trends to better plan your kitchen staffing. Never miss another order!

Why Choose TabSquare? How are we different from other solutions in the market?


At TabSquare we focus on solving the holistic problem and not just fixing holes that may create new ones in the process! TabSquare SmartConnect is built to solve your restaurant’s greatest challenges in the post-pandemic world where it is no longer about just managing a physical store but presence on consumer apps and online ordering channels is pivotal.  


Below is a comparison chart on what to expect from other solutions in the market and hopefully you can see why TabSquare SmartConnect is the smart choice! 

POS Providers
-Ex Sapaad
Middleware companies
- Ex. Hubster
Back-office integration

No - Manual menu update
on each platform needed,
limited functionality

only supports delivery
providers, no solution for
own online channels or instore solutions

Full menu & stock status
Centralized order

Cannot update order
status, temporary switch
off, direct to kitchen

Full centralized order
management, not
integrated with kitchen

Full centralized order
management console +
direct to kitchen POS
Centralized data

Only sales & order data
values, no Analysis

Limited order trend
analysis, only delivery
partner analysis

Comprehensive analysis
on trends, profitability,
kitchen utilization
Supported ordering

Selective delivery partners

Delivery partners only

All delivery partners,
Consumer apps - Google Pay,
Ocbc Payanyone,
own online channels
Pricing Cheap Expensive Reasonable

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