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The efficient, safe, and smart way to manage orders within your restaurant.
No hardware required:
customers can conveniently order & pay from their own phones right from their table.

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Ordering has never been so easy. SmartQR lets your guests order & pay in under 20 seconds

Combat the labor shortage, increase revenue and collect valuable data with SmartQR

Higher revenues

Lower cost

Drive customer repeats

Let your guests be in control of their ordering experience

Let your customers order and pay digitally from their own phones right from the table. No menu cards or paper receipts; no contact, no hassle & no app download

With SmartQR you can bust queues during busy hours; serve more guests in less time while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction

With guests ordering on their own, there’s no back-and-forth with cashiers. Save time, eliminate the risk of missed orders, and improve accuracy.

Simplify and streamline your restaurant operations

Customers’ orders from SmartQR are sent straight to the kitchen & your existing POS. with SmartQR streamline and effortlessly fulfill orders.

It works in sync with Sapaad’s complete restaurant management suite; sales instantly reflect on your LIVE Dashboard and stock is automatically updated in real-time.

With an automated operational workflow, free up staff to focus on enhancing customer experience and boosting business. Keep your labor costs and OpEx in control.

Leverage the power of AI & Data to Help You Grow

Boost check sizes with AI-powered recommendations and intuitive up-sell and cross-sell prompts such as upgrades, extra paid toppings, combos, and add-ons.

maintain instant connectivity with diners by crafting promotions unique to your diner’s interests resulting in increased customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

Leverage the power of data & get in-depth knowledge about menu profitability, operational analysis & customer behaviour analysis

Seamlessly integrated with POS

World-class, stable integrations with the top point of sale, marketing, and payment providers.

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