8 Reasons To Invest in SmartWeb

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    Speedy Service

    QR code-enabled for fast, error-free ordering

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    All diners can view the menu and order simultaneously

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    Smart cross-selling and upselling

    Drives impulse buying and increases average cover values by an average 10%

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    Entire dining journey completed on-table

    Frees up staff for more valuable and profitable customer interactions

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    Multilingual capability

    Creates a seamless customer experience, no matter their language

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    Painless Monthly Subscriptions

    Lower upfront investment delivers immediate ROI

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    Seamless Integration

    POS-integrated mobile solution for express kitchen ordering

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    Latest Payment Technologies

    Contactless, QR, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay enabled


“The personalised recommendations help boost average order value.” Keith Lee, Sushi Tei & Hokkaido-Ya

Some of our clients running the SmartKiosk


Boost average item value, cover value and speed up table turns


Customers can view menus and order simultaneously with QR codes


Fast, error-free ordering lifts customer satisfaction and drives repeat visits

TabSquare’s Customer Success Team is the ‘Special Sauce’

When you join TabSquare, a Customer Success Partner will help you during the on-boarding stages and beyond. This F&B expert provides valuable knowledge and expertise during menu set up and optimisation, allowing you to achieve optimal results and drive revenue.


Their services can include face-to-face sessions, recommendations on menu item placements, up-selling, cross-selling and overall menu engineering. Their end goal is to help you increase revenue and boost customer experience at your venue. 


The Customer Success Partners have deep knowledge on the product and its functionalities, however they liaise with the technical team to troubleshoot any client queries outside of their expertise in order to provide comprehensive solutions. This ensures your business stays up and running at optimal efficiency – delivering you maximum profit.

5 ways TabSquare keeps you up and running

  1. Comprehensive onboarding and training to get you underway fast
  2. Can offer invaluable data consultancy
  3. Menu engineering and optimisation to drive revenue
  4. Educating clients on how to understand digital menu data and how to improve performance based on these actionable insights
  5. The support team offers technical support in 5 countries from 10am-10pm

You’re Just 4 Steps Away From AI

1. Setup

Is your POS already integrated? If yes, move straight to step 2. If not, we can work with your POS provider to get you there quick and easy.

2. Build and Install

We build and test the software to manage your system and run your business.

3. Review Your Menu

We make sure that your menu is perfect and customise ‘baskets’ of products for customers.

4. Launch, Train, Improve

Once we are live, a dedicated account manager will train your team, optimise your system, and fine tune your system’s performance

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