About SmartQR

Bringing the restaurant to your guests’ fingertips

With SmartQR, diners can simply scan, order, and pay directly from mobile phones. Restaurants can expect faster table turns, less wait staff needed, higher average bill sizes and increased profitability through smart digital ordering!

Key Features

  • Scan to order
  • Interactive & personalized menu
  • AI-powered food recommendation
  • Easy upsell and cross-sell
  • Redeem Promotions
  • In-app payments and receipts

Smart QR Comes together with comprehensive restaurant management tools to enable you to easily manage a new age, tech-enabled dine-in experience!

Get to know TabSquare

TabSquare is the region’s leading restaurant technology solution provider. Its unique AI-powered technology is helping restaurant operators run healthier, more durable businesses while meeting guests’ changing expectations about how technology and hospitality can come together to create a better dining experience.

A Flexible service model that can improve hospitality, reduce labor cost & increase

Reimagine Hospitality

Serve your guests better and increase ticket sizes by ~20%

Increase Profits

Cover more tables with up to 50% lesser staff while increasing sales.

Bring Guests Back

Collect valuable guest information to power your marketing.

Due to the partnership with TabSquare, Foodpandai s bringing this technology to all its restaurant partners at a

special post-pandemic price of just $49/month – for the entire suite.

No need for physical menus, No need for a big team of front-of-house staff!

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